Monday, 9 May 2011

That Monday Feeling...

You know its going be a long week when...
  • you already can't remember what day it is
  • there is no food in the house because you went to two craft workshops at the weekend
  • the cat is ignoring you because you forgot to feed him
  • it is 7.15 and you still haven't organsied any dinner (see earlier note...)
  • you know what lessons you are teaching tomorrow (given that today is Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday) but haven't brought anything home to plan them with
  • the chocolate on the top shelf is looking like dinner
  • you are absolutely sure that you have only had one small glass of wine, but the bottle is more than half empty...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Its the weekend!

So, its Friday night and I am shattered! I have far too much marking to do, moderation that needs to be done by Tuesday morning, and I am spending the weekend at two craft workshops...

Even the cat has found something better to do!