Sunday, 15 January 2012

Its Crafting Time DT Challenge - January Sketch

Evening all!
This week my ATC's are based on a square sketch! Mild panic ensued when I saw this...
If it was a card or a scrapbook page it would have been fine, but a tiny lttle rectangular ATC...?

All in one, an idea comes together...

Anyway, inspiration did finally hit and I realised that 4 ATC's almost make a square. This made it both easier and harder. The colours come from what is in my stash and my current leaning towards purple!

I put the 4 ATC's together and layed out the design, then fiddled until the elements worked together as a whole and then as individual pieces.

In pieces, so it did work!
Hope you like the outcome!

DT link:

Just to prove they work on their own as well!


  1. Your ATC's are lovely. I particularly like the one with all the gems. x

    1. Thank you! According to the DT sketch, there had to be an oval shape here, and I cant resist sparkley bits somewhere!