Friday, 18 May 2012

Book Of Me

When I went to the NEC earlier this year, I picked up a ring bound book by Prima. I have been looking at Smash Books for ages, but wanted something a bit more freer that I could add extra pages to and the Prima book seemed to be the thing.
The front section has a calendar, double page to a month; followed by journalling and blank pages. It comes wit 4 slip files, some plastic wallets, stickers, tags and sticky buds.
I have been keeping a diary in it of all the little things I have done this year.
In the journal section I have been writing little thoughts, poems and rants as I think of them (or I just need to get something off my chest!).
It is also a place to put odd photos, leaflets, ticket stubs and things from days out. You know, all the things you keep saying that you are going to scrap, but never get round to...
Anyway, here are a couple of pages so far...

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